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Pre-finished frames

Pre-Finished Frames

A majority of our bespoke frames are created using pre-finished mouldings; these are available in various colours and finishes from satin, lacquered, gilded and veneer. We stock a wide range of mouldings from all the major frame manufacturers including Nielsen and Arqadia and can source many more if you can’t see what you want in our workshop!

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Aluminium frames

Aluminium Frames

We use high-quality aluminium mouldings to create bespoke frames and subframes for numerous widths, lengths, and finishes. This moulding is ideal for Lightboxes, large artworks and reverse acrylic /Perspex® mounted prints.

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Foamboard Mounting

Foamboard is a lightweight mounting material that is used for large hanging signs and displays, or as a smooth and rigid substrate for framing photography or illustration prints. Prints mounted to Foamboard may be attached to the wall using Velcro or small nails. Surprisingly sturdy, and very light. Sizes up to 84’’ x 48’’ in 5mm or 10mm.

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Dibond® Mounting

Dibond® mounting is a composite display material comprising two sheets of archival quality thin aluminium with a thermoplastic core. It is valued for its lightweight rigidity and clean white coating. Sizes up to 40” x 30” with wooden battens / 120’’ x 80’’ with aluminium sub-frame (Specific finishes on Dibond are supplied in various sizes, please contact our team).

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MDF Mounting

MDF mounting is an effective and economical way of displaying prints, available in 9mm or 12mm thickness. Although heavy, MDF is very rigid and the painted edges create a finished effect for mounted prints that, especially when sealed, will stand up to the toughest environments. Sizes up to 120’’ x 60’’ in 9mm or 12mm thick.

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Kapa® Mounting

Kapa® is a lightweight mounting material used for large hanging signs and displays or as a smooth and rigid substrate for framing images. We use Kapa® Foamboard, known for its aluminium foil surface, which adds a layer of protection for photographic paper. Sizes up to 120’’ x 60’’ in 5mm or 10mm thick.

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Photographs Rendered in Play–Doh: Eleanor Macnair

29.09.2015 Eleanor Macnair’s exhibition ‘Photographs Rendered in Play-Doh’ opened in London featuring some well-known and iconic photographs to lesser-known images by contemporary photographers, reproduced in an unlikely medium – Play-Doh. Macnair had no expectation of ‘Photographs Rendered in Play-Doh’ reaching exhibition status when she began the project on a whim back in August 2013. Producing the images late at night + more

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‘The Secret Life of the Pencil’ project by Mike Tinney and Alex Hammond

14.05.2015 Metro is delighted to be involved in a unique photographic project in celebration of the humble pencil.  ‘The Secret Life of the Pencil’ by creative design and photographic team Mike Tinney and Alex Hammond takes an inspired look beyond the obvious exterior of the modest stylus. The pleasure of a freshly sharpened pencil or frustration of a shattered lead could be something the + more

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Dan Holdsworth new exhibition: Spatial Objects

13.05.2015   Metro is delighted once again to have worked with British photographer Dan Holdsworth producing and finishing C-type prints for his exhibition Spatial Objects which opened in Southampton. Shown here for the first time, ‘Spatial Objects’ is the result of Holdsworth’s ongoing enquiry into contemporary photographic processes and what he calls the ‘surface interface of the image’ within today’s digital, media-saturated + more

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