10 Ideal Type of Fixings 

At Metro Framing, we offer a vast number of frame hanging fixing options for you to choose. You can pick the most convenient for your project, or ask us for our professional opinion.



Sawtooth hangers: for small ‘classic’ style framing, hang from a nail or screw on the wall. Up to 1mt sq.

D-rings: single or double hole for small to medium size framing orders, used with wire and hung from 1 or 2 hooks or screws on the wall. D-rings work ideally for MDF mounted prints. Up to 1.75 sqm.

Mirror plates: (small, medium and large sizes) for securing a picture frame directly to the wall. Up to 3 sqm.

Slotted top-plates: with (a) T-screws for security fitting or (b) top hook plates. For strong and flush fixing. Up to 2.5 m.

Strap hangers: (medium and large) fitted to the side of a frame or into the subframe, fitted onto 2 screws in the wall, alternative to the top plates. Up to 2.5 sqm.

Heavy duty L-plates: with hanging plates. Adds extra strength to the frame as well as providing a secure hanging system. Up to 4 sqm.

Square sawtooth: ideal for canvasses and deep box frames. Hangs from nails or screws on the wall. Canvasses of any size frame up to 1.5 sqm.

Spring-lock security fittings: for environments where security fittings are necessary. 1 or 2 fittings on each side of the frame, fit onto a screw in the wall and then are secured by the spring clip (to remove the spring clip there is a key provided). Up to 4 sqm.

Riveted backing board with d-rings: For ‘classic’ framing styles, up to 1.5 sqm.

Subframe and split baton: required for frames over 2 sqm, this strengthens the frame and provides a strong and secure method of hanging. In the case of acrylic mounted artwork, aluminium subframes are ideal. Up to 5 sqm.


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