Frame Hire – a practical way of showcasing your work!

When you’re thinking about framing your artwork, planning ahead is key: What is achievable within my budget? How much time have I got? What frame size do I need for my print? Where and how will I be installing these framed pieces? If you are on a tight budget or short deadline, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. As an + more

Turnaround Times

Turnaround times at Metro Framing are predominantly subject to the nature of your order. At Metro Framing, we will always work on getting the best results within the shortest time possible, and will always keep in contact throughout your order. Depending on the number of works, sizes, frame style, our workload, etc., your order could be completed sooner or – + more

Sub-Frame vs. Split-Battens

Depending on the size of your print and your choice of substrate, you may have the option of choosing between either split-battens or a sub-frame to hang your final piece. Once over a metre square, mounted prints will require the additional support of an aluminium sub-frame. It is important to note that fixings can only be applied to inflexible substrates, + more

Pressure-Sensitive Mounting vs. Dry Mounting vs. Gel Mounting

There are multiple ways of mounting your prints to best suit your needs, and it is imperative to consider how your prints are finished to best fit their purpose. It is important to consider though that Collectors generally prefer not to mount single prints, as the process is not reversible. We do not always recommend mounting for original artworks or + more

10 Ideal Type of Fixings 

At Metro Framing, we offer a vast number of frame hanging fixing options for you to choose. You can pick the most convenient for your project, or ask us for our professional opinion.     Sawtooth hangers: for small ‘classic’ style framing, hang from a nail or screw on the wall. Up to 1mt sq. D-rings: single or double hole for + more

Top 4 Framing Tips

Before framing your work always plan ahead. We’ve put together this handy checklist to help you decide on the perfect finish. What is achievable within my budget? How much time have I got? What kind of frame do I need for the size of my print? (Eg. frames over 1m will always require a sub-frame.) What is the use/purpose of + more

8 Different Mounting Materials and Why You Should Use Them

To make your Metro Framing choices even easier, we have prepared this chart to help you decide which mounting substrate to use. You can compare how mounting materials may vary in terms of weight, maximum size, rigidity, durability, and archival time. This will help you choose the ideal mounting option for your artwork whilst saving you some time.    Substrate  Weight + more