8 Different Mounting Materials and Why You Should Use Them

To make your Metro Framing choices even easier, we have prepared this chart to help you decide which mounting substrate to use. You can compare how mounting materials may vary in terms of weight, maximum size, rigidity, durability, and archival time. This will help you choose the ideal mounting option for your artwork whilst saving you some time.


 Substrate  Weight  Max Size  Rigidity  Durability             Archival?
 Card  Ultra-light  62’’ x 84’’  Poor  Poor  Yes
 Foamex ®  Light  120’’ x 80’’ in 3mm or 5mm thick  Poor  Good  No
 Foamboard  Ultra-light 84’’ x 48’’ in 5mm or 10mm thick  OK  Poor  No
 MDF  Heavy 120’’ x 60’’ in 9mm or 12mm thick  Excellent  Excellent  No
 Aluminium  Medium Light 40’’ x 30’’ –wooden battens / 120’’ x 80’’ – aluminium subframe  Good  Excellent  Yes
 Dibond ®  Light 40” x 30” – wooden battens / 120’’ x 80’’ – aluminium subframe*  Excellent  Excellent  Yes
 Kapa ®  Light 120’’ x 60’’ in 5mm or 10mm thick  Good  Good  Yes
 Acrylic  Medium-Heavy 120’’ x 72’’ – aluminium subframe  Good  Excellent  Yes

*(Specific finishes on Dibond® are supplied in various sizes, please contact our team)