Wellcome Collection: Play Well

Why do we play? How important is it for all of us, young or old? What does it mean to play well?

The Wellcome Collection brings an interactive and playful exhibition this autumn. Play Well examines the importance of play in childhood and the impactful role it has on both young and adults and across society at large. It explores the joyful instinct to play as well as the significance of play in developing social bonds, emotional resilience and physical well-being.

Split into three different sections – Nature/Nurture, Toys Like Us, and Rules and Risk – the exhibition is a celebration of play as a transformative, therapeutic tool. Through toys, games, artworks and design from the mid-1800s, it investigates how we played as children and how children play in this day and age, from playing in the street to indoors connect to a computer.

Metro Imaging had a great experience working closely with the gallery for the production of multiple C-type Photographic Prints mounted to Dibond for various artists, as well as working directly with longstanding client, photographer Mark Neville, on the manufacture of Bespoke Spray Finish Frames for his works on show.


24 October 2019—8 March 2020

Wellcome Collection – Gallery 1, level 0


1. Play Well installation shot 2019, courtesy of © Wellcome Collection.
2. Kristina, an hour after the shelling in Luhanske, Eastern Ukraine, 2, 2017, Mark Neville. © Mark Neville.
3. ‘The Frog Pond at Toffee Park Adventure Playground, London, 2, 2016, Mark Neville. © Mark Neville.
Wellcome Collection: Play Well
Wellcome Collection: Play Well