Custom picture / artwork framing
Classic Picture Frames

“ At Vogue and National Portrait Gallery we really can say , without any question how much we appreciated all the work Metro put in.”

— Robin Muir, Vogue 100

*Classic Picture Frames
Classic Picture Frames

Types of Picture Frame

Frame Mouldings

We have thousands of frame mouldings available to complement your chosen frame style. Our variety of services include hand painted, stained or a spray finish for custom picture frames. This enables us to create the best framed finish for your artwork - whether it's for exhibition, commercial or home display.

Frame Finishes

Our choice of frame finishes is vast to ensure we suit all our clients needs and artworks. From sprayed, hand stained and natural waxes to pre-finished satin and veneer as well as a range of different gilding styles.

Framing Glass

Within our custom framing service we have an extensive range of framing glass available to complete your bespoke frame. The most exciting advances have been in the specialist glass area. As well as protection from UV damage, there are a number of ranges of glass that have been treated to become almost invisible to the naked eye. As standard, we use Water White Float glass in 2mm and 3mm thicknesses giving optimum colour rendition. Anti Reflect Glass is ideal for deep frames and boxes where low reflectance for clarity of the image is critical.

Frame Fixings

At Metro Framing, we offer a vast number of frame hanging fixing options for you to choose the most convenient for securing your artwork. The most commonly used includes: D-rings single or double hole for small to medium size frames, as well as sub-frame and split baton for orders over 2 sq. m, as this strengthens the frame and provides a strong secure hanging. However, get in touch with our specialist team to find the ideal fixing for your framed artwork.

Art Installation and Shipping

Our role in the production of photographic and fine art exhibitions has grown enormously over the past ten years, and our exhibition services are designed around the needs of artists and photographers who prefer to have a hands-on role in the printing of their work. Described as ‘Premier’ this service features many add-on features that make it attractive to artists, photographers, and archives working on large complex projects requiring detailed production management from concept to final installation.

Mounting Materials