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Styles of framing glass

Optium Museum Acrylic

Optimum Museum Acrylic Glass

Trusted by the greatest museums in the world, this glazing exhibits a virtually invisible anti-reflective coating enabling to see the details in crystal clear colour neutrality. The glass features a UV-filtering, abrasion resistant acrylic and anti-static coating, which offers the finest protection and preservation.

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Scratch Resistant UV Acrylic

Scratch Resistant UV Acrylic Glass

Scratch resistant UV acrylic glass offers high UV protection combined with its spoil resistant coating to prevent scratches. This glazing presents the clarity of the finest picture frame glazing, without the heaviness or fragility. UV acrylic glass is available with most of our custom made frames.

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Cast Acrylic Glass

Cast acrylic glass, also called Perspex, is a high quality and versatile material, proving high strength and clarity. Cast acrylic sheet suits multiple applications, and is an easy material to work with, especially in the case of large-scale frames.

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Museum glass

Museum Glass

Museum glass boasts an amazing clarity and uncompromised protection. It is easy to handle with its easy-to-clean, and more durable surface. It offers 99% UV protection, and it is anti-reflective.

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Anti reflective glass

Anti Reflective Glass

Anti reflective glass  incorporates the highest levels of clarity and transparency. Ideal for museums or galleries, where absolute clarity is a priority consideration.

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standard framing glass

Standard Framing Glass

Standard framing glass provides excellent optical clarity and is a good alternative to ‘basic’ glass for use in picture frames. Acrylic picture frames are safe for use in all environments as it is shatterproof, also it is lightweight so easy to install. Available in a range of thicknesses and sizes.

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